Patricia (Patty) For​ward

Registered Psychotherapist     

*Exclusively remote practice. Accepting New Clients*

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At this time, Patty offers telephone and online video sessions to treat a wide range of psychological issues and mental health challenges.   

**Please note that  in-person sessions are not available at this time**

Counselling Reimagined...

 Online Video Platform

Online video sessions are available through Patty's safe and secure online platform, 'NousTalk'. Canadian owned and operated, NousTalk is a secure HIPAA, PHIPA and GDPR compliant online therapy platform that uses a simple and secure encrypted live audio-video format to connect clients and therapists. 

For a free 15 - 20 minute phone or video consultation or to set up an appointment, please contact Patty at

Email: [email protected]       

Phone: Leave a message on Patty's confidential voice mail: 1(705)761-5282

"I look forward to meeting  with you as your guide towards greater health and wellness."


A Few Treatment Options

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

IFS is a transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy that views our personalities as multiple systems, with inner parts that contain valuable qualities and a core Self that knows how to heal. As an IFS informed therapist, Patty will guide you on an integrated inner journey towards self-leadership, wholeness, and harmony. With IFS, the belief is that 'all parts are welcome', and this respectful, non-pathologizing therapy can be an excellent treatment option for most anyone!

*Patty is also skilled at weaving the techniques of IFS into her Dreamwork.

For more information on IFS therapy in Canada, check out the Internal Family Systems Counselling Association's website: 

Exploring Your Dreams - The FiveStar Method of Dream  Analysis 

What if our dreams hold the keys to unlocking some of the struggles we have in waking life? Dreams provide a place where our mind can bring the conflicts of our daily lives into a creative space where we can safely explore alternatives. Through the FiveStar Method of Dream Analysis, our dream responses such as, thoughts, feelings and actions, in addition to dream symbols and characters, are treated with curiosity and respect, allowing you to find interpretations that are personally meaningful to you. Dreamwork can also be helpful in reducing the stress and fear brought about by nightmares, including those associated with PTSD. Whether you've had a disturbing nightmare or an intriguing dream that you'd like to learn more about, exploring your dreams can be a great way to help you safely navigate your dreamscape terrain. 

Patty has been telling, recording and studying dreams since her early childhood, and brings her experience and knowledge in guiding you on an incredible healing journey as you learn more about yourself and your dream life.

For more information on the FiveStar Method of Dream Analysis, check out DreamStar Institute's website: